Solomon Ko, LL.B., P.Eng., C.Eng., FEC

Candidate for Councillor-at-Large


PEO Council 2018



Engineer/Senior Engineer, TSSA – 20 years

Administering the public safety programs under the Technical standards and Safety Act that promotes the safe transportation, storage, handling and use of hydrocarbon fuels (such as gasoline, propane, natural gas, fuel oil) and equipment in Ontario. The Fuels Division works to protect the public, property and the environment by minimizing leaks, spills, fires and explosions. It regulates major fuel users and utilities, transport trucks and pipelines and household appliances that use these fuels.

Project Manager, Canadian Standards Association, 7 years

Responsible for the development of National Standards of Canada in the areas of Built Environment, developing and implementing strategic plans for the oil & gas and plumbing programs, and providing leadership and direction to the standards committees, both technical and administrative, throughout the process. In addition to the extensive CSA committee activities, also participated actively in standards/codes development of the National Building and Plumbing Codes and the trilateral harmonization work with the States and Mexico.

Various engineering/operations/marketing positions – Shell International,18 years

Sales – Develop and implement strategies, tactics and plans for the liquefied petroleum gas market in Hong Kong and China accountable for 240,000 customers through a network of 60 agents and a team of direct sales staff

Project – Responsible for projects from the concept inception through to design, cost estimates, planning, purchasing, construction, progress co-ordination and monitoring to commission g of liquefied petroleum gas installations at customers’ premises. The portfolio included the leaders ip of an industrial task force to develop local codes of practice, implemented risk assessment.
Manager, Operations – Overseeing operations at airport fuelling and storage tank farm and operations of a main terminal for the effective receipt, storage, process and distribution of petroleum products.
Engineer – Design, construction and maintenance of the companies properties including plant, transportation (road and water) and storage handling facilities of petroleum products at the installation as well as the marketing outlets

Mechanic apprentice, Electrical & Mechanical Office, Hong Kong, 5 years